New Arrivals on the Microsoft Learning YouTube Channel

Whether you want to find out how to get started down the path to professional certification, how to use Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to manage and troubleshoot issues, or how to share and access files across a personal home network, the Microsoft Learning YouTube channel has a playlist that can help. This resource is available to students, educators, and anyone else interested in learning more about today’s relevant technology-related topics.

Our featured playlist is the Microsoft Certification Tutorial, which can help you understand where to start on the path to certification, which certifications to take, prerequisites, and next steps on your certification journey. You'll also find information on job roles and discover how earning a Microsoft Certification helps show potential and current employers your commitment to continued learning and career growth.

Other new playlists include:

In addition to the wide variety of training videos available on YouTube, you can also get training through Learning Snacks, available in the Microsoft Training Catalog at no cost.

Check out the Microsoft Learning Channel on YouTube today!

Published Date: 03/24/2011
Expiration Date: 03/31/2011
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