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Jonathan Rozenblit
Jonathan Rozenblit
Microsoft Canada
Wow! I can’t believe that it is finally June and that warm weather is actually here! With the winter that most of us across Canada experienced, it felt like the warm weather was simply not going to make an appearance this year. I love this time of year, though, as it is the time when the team and I here at Microsoft Canada sit down and plan the upcoming year (in case you’re confused, our year starts July 1). We plan the different programs we’ll be sharing with you all, our online shows, online and offline events, learning resources, and more (the list is pretty exhaustive, so I’ll spare you!). I can definitely say that I have the privilege of working with some really creative people that come up with really cool ideas, but at the end of the day, we all only know what we know and can only try out the things that we come up with.

I’d rather know what you’d like – what you’d like to read about, watch, participate in, etc. So this is my call out to YOU for YOUR input. What were some of the things that you enjoyed and/or thought you got value out of? What would you like to see us continue doing here in Canada? What would you like us to stop doing here in Canada? Last but not least, what would you like us to start doing here in Canada?

I’d love to hear what’s on your mind, though I can’t guarantee what we’ll be able to make happen. But, nonetheless, I invite you to share your thoughts with me in discussion on LinkedIn. Notice, this call for your input is not coming as a survey or anything structured like that. We’ll leave that for some other input that I’d like to ask of you in the near future. If you could please take as little as 5 minutes to give me an idea of how the team and I can make things better, more valuable, and (to me, most importantly) more enjoyable, I would really appreciate it.

Looking forward to reading your feedback,

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VIDEO: Something for Everyone in Visual Studio 2013
Canadian MVP Colin Bowern highlights some of the reasons one would use (or upgrade to) the latest version of Visual Studio.
What fuels your Development? By Alexandre Brisebois
Developers use many tricks to fuel our development efforts. Some of us are heavy energy drink users, some drink tea and others binge on sugar. Throughout my career I’ve tried a couple of these and I’m curious to hear about your personal experiences.
30 Days of Bootstrap and CSS By James Chambers
This is it! This series has been in the works for some time, but it’s finally here. For the next 30 days you’ll see a wide range of topics, tips, tricks and the ins-and-outs of working with the Bootstrap library and CSS framework with ASP.NETt’s MVC Framework.
Seeding Entity Framework Database from CSV By David Paquette
Ever since Entity Framework Code First was released, we have had a very simple and convenient mechanism for seeding our databases. Most examples show us only how to seed the database by adding a few items directly from .NET code. This approach may be cumbersome if we are dealing with a larger amount of data. A good example of this is populating tables for Countries and Provinces/States. In this post, David Paquette shows how one can populate data from CSV files.
Building Blocks: JavaScript and C# (Initialize)


Get your developer skills up to speed—or dust them off—on the Microsoft platform. Whether you're a web, app, C#, .NET, or JavaScript developer, this first course in our "Building Blocks" series delivers what you need. Experts walk through various modern paradigms comparing JavaScript and C# side by side on the Microsoft platform.
Building Blocks: XAML and HTML5 (Construct)


Experts teach you how to create great apps, covering layout and style with HTML5, CSS, and XAML. They explore how to craft engaging visual assets for your applications, and they offer tips and tricks to create a great touch experience.
Building Blocks: iOS, Android, Windows (Extend)


Wondering how to build a successful mobile app and smart device strategy? Get tips on the right way to build cloud-connected iOS, Android, and Windows apps, along with how to add a mobile layer to your existing enterprise apps.
Programming the Kinect for Windows Jump Start

Live Online | July 15, 2014 | 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PDT

Devs, are you looking forward to building apps with Kinect for Windows v2, launching this summer? In this Jump Start, explore the brand new Software Development Kit with experts from the Kinect engineering team, and see how Kinect v2 enables speech, gesture, and human understanding in applications and experiences. Learn about the new APIs and app model, and see fascinating demos and samples (plus source code) for both desktop and Windows Store apps. Get the details on Kinect Fusion (real-time 3D modeling), Face Tracking, and Visual Gesture Builder. Discover the new sensor technology, natural user interface (NUI), accessibility potential, and practical applications.
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Make It Better Workshop On-Demand  
Learn new ways to make your Windows Store and Phone apps even better. Microsoft experts share tips on improving design and performance and review app revenue models and marketing tactics. Have questions? Post the questions on the video page or tweet with #MIBLive.
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Can the Surface Pro 3 replace your dev machine?
Surface Pro 3 was announced this week with some pretty impressive specs. Check them out. In the post, Panos calls the Surface Pro 3 "the tablet that can replace your laptop." While that may be true, the question that I have is - Will Surface Pro 3 replace your dev machine?
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